2019 NBA Summer League Budweiser Legends Lounge
July 05-15, 2019
Thomas & Mack Center




  • Unique Vantage Point - Located within Thomas & Mack Center the Budweiser Legends Lounge provides fans with a unique vantage point above the basket
  • Premium Experience - The Budweiser Legends Lounge is limited to 150 people and will allow fans to enjoy the game while mingling with friends and family
  • Complimentary Food - Concession favorites including sliders, buffalo wings, hot dogs chicken fingers and more will be provided
  • Complimentary Beverages - Beer, soda and water are included
  • NBA Summer League Program - You will receive an official NBA Summer League program with your ticket


  • There are no assigned seats within the deck
  • Highboys, stools and couches will be available for fans on a first come, first serve basis
  • Fans are entitled to complimentary food and beverages while on the deck
    • Only beer will be served, no wine or hard liquor
    • If a fan is deemed unruly, security will have them removed them from the deck
    • No beer/food may be taken off the deck


  • Can fans leave and reenter the deck?
    • Fans are permitted to leave and renter the deck as many times as they like during their ticketed session
    • No beer/food may be taken off the deck
  • Limit to how many drinks somebody can order at a time?
    • Fans are entitled to one drink at a time
    • Fans who are deemed to be unruly will be removed by security
    • No beer/food may be taken off the deck
  • Are you required to be 21 to get on the deck?
    • Fans of all ages are allowed on the deck
    • Bartenders will card any fan on the deck that asks for a beer (21+)




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