Runnin' Rebel Basketball
January 01, 2017 - March 31, 2018
Thomas & Mack Center




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 2017-18 REGULAR SEASON TICKET PRICES  |  Regular Prices Valid for all sales after June 1 

AreaPriority AmountTicket AmountTotal Ticket Price
Gucci/Scholarship Row *
$3,000$555$3,555 *
Lower Bowl 1 *$1,800$555$2,355 *
Lower Bowl 2 *$1,200$555$1,755 *
Lower Bowl 3 *$1,000$555$1,555 *
Lower Bowl 4 
Lower Bowl 5 $600$555$1,155 
Lower Bowl 6
Lower Bowl 7$200$555$755
Lower Bowl 8$50$555$605
Dugout 9$325$355 $680
Dugout 10$175$355 $530 
RAF Balcony$25 $255 $280
End Balconyn/a$119$119


Games Included:  Season tickets include every UNLV game played at the Thomas & Mack Center. 

* Requires a major gift donation to the Rebel Athletic Fund. Please contact the RAF Office at 702-895-1533 for additional information. Applies to new Gucci, Lower Bowl 1, Lower Bowl 2, and Lower Bowl 3 seats. 


 Call to Purchase
Season tickets include all UNLV games played at the Thomas & Mack Center. 

2017-18 New Season Tickets went on sale on Tuesday, April 11th. New upper level season tickets start at only $119 each for the entire season. New lower bowl seats start at $605 each. All lower level seats include a per seat priority donation amount listed in the price table above. Some lower bowl price levels also require a major gift donation to the Rebel Athletic Fund prior to purchasing. Please see the price table above for details. 



RENEWALS  |  Steps to Renew Online  |    All Renewal Prices Now Expired



 2017-18 RENEWAL SEASON TICKET PRICES  |  Renewals Only - Prices Valid Until Dates Below 

 AreaPriority Amount   EARLY BIRD PRICE  
(Expired April 7) 
(Expired June 1)
2016 Renewal Price2016 New Price
Gucci/Scholarship $3,000 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 1  $1,800 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 2  $1,200 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 3  $1,000 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 4  $850 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 5  $600 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 6  $325 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 7  $200 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Lower Bowl 8  $50 $499 $515 $555 $535 $555
Dugout 9  $325 $299 $315 $355 $335 $355
Dugout 10  $175 $299 $315 $355 $335 $355
RAF Balcony  $25 $219 $230 $255 $235 $255
Balcony  n/a $199 $210 $220 $235 $255
End Balcony  n/a $99 $109 $119 $165 $185
  No change Valid
March 1 - April 7
April 8 - June 1
 Valid June 2 On  

Games Included:  Season tickets include every UNLV game played at the Thomas & Mack Center. 

Renewal Deadline:
  June 1, 2017

Season ticket renewals and RAF priority renewals are both billed in the spring and are due  in full by June 1, 2017. The priority amount is the RAF donation requirement in priority areas. This amount is paid separately to the RAF and is also due in full by June 1, 2017. In order to retain your current seat location, all payments must be received by the renewal deadline. Non-renewed season tickets will be open to the public for sale after the renewal deadline.

Email notifications will be sent in February when renewals are available. Check the current email address on your online account, or call the ticket office to update or confirm your current email address. Paper statements will be mailed in April to all accounts that have not yet renewed at that time. You may also log into your online account and print your renewal statement for your records.

Renewal Price (Expires June 1)
Season ticket renewal prices include a $20 per season ticket discount off the new season ticket price (new price listed above) if paid in full by June 1. This price discount is included on renewal applications, and expires on June 1. After June 1 all regular season ticket prices will increase by $20 each (to the above prices). 

Renewal Payment Plan - Online (Available February through May)
Once again we are offering a payment plan option for your season tickets. The earlier you renew the longer you can spread out your payments. Sign up online for the payment plan today and split your bill into monthly payments. (If you sign up in early February you can spread your amount over 5 payments. If you sign up in early March you can spread your amount over 4 payments.) The first payment is charged immediately. The remaining payments will be automatically charged on the first of each month with the final payment on June 1. Your ticketing and RAF account must be paid in full by the June 1 renewal deadline. 

Seating Changes / Upgrades
Requests for a seating change or upgrade must be made in writing on your ticket renewal application (paper or web). Seating change requests must be submitted by the June 1 renewal deadline to be considered. Accounts must be paid in full to be eligible for an upgrade. Late or unpaid accounts will not be eligible for seating changes or upgrades - this includes your ticket amount and your RAF priority donation.  

All seating changes/upgrades/additions will be made in priority point order after the renewal deadline and based on any seats that are not renewed. If an upgrade to a higher price level is available, the additional cost (price and/or donation) will be due at the time of your upgrade. This request process will take a few weeks to complete and will last through July. 



Current UNLV Faculty & Staff receive discounts on football and basketball season tickets. The faculty/staff discount is 20% off the regular ticket amount, (not applicable to the priority amount). The faculty/staff discount is available in all price levels for basketball - lower bowl and upper bowl. Limit of two (2) discounted tickets per account. 

How To Purchase
Faculty/Staff discounted tickets are not available online for first-time buyers. To purchase, please contact the athletic ticket office at 702-895-2958 or visit the Thomas & Mack box office in person with your staff ID. To receive the discount, you must use your UNLV employment information to set up the account. Limit of two (2) discounted tickets per account. 




Current paid UNLVIP members can purchase 2017-18 basketball season tickets at 50% off the regular ticket amount. The Alumni discount is available in the upper level Balcony and End Balcony price levels. Must first be an active paid UNLVIP Alumni Association member to be eligible. Limit of two (2) discounted tickets per member.  2017-18 Basketball Alumni season ticket prices per seat are listed below.  



AreaPriority AmountAlumni Ticket Amount*Total Ticket Price
End Balcony n/a$59$59


How To Purchase
Alumni discounted season tickets are not available online for first-time buyers. You must first join the Alumni Association UNLVIP membership - call the Alumni Association at 702-895-3621.

Once you have joined you may contact the athletic ticket office at 702-895-2958 to purchase basketball season tickets. Alumni membership will be verified. Limit of two (2) discounted tickets per member. 


Ticket Transfer ($5.00 fee)  |  Log in to My Account

A new feature for season ticket holders - you can now transfer (forward) one or more of your individual game tickets to a friend online. This is a great tool for out of town fans or businesses who cannot use their tickets for a specific game. Simply log into your account, click the Transfer Tickets button, and select the game(s) and seat(s) that you would like to transfer. Then enter the email address of the person you would like your tickets to go to. That person now has 48 hours to accept the tickets. There is one fee of $5.00 per transfer (not per ticket). Once the transfer has been accepted the original tickets are no longer valid and the new tickets are sent via email. This ticket transfer feature will be available until 1 hour prior to game time.

Please note, this feature allows season ticket holders to forward one or more individual game tickets to another person. This does not allow a permanent transfer of full season tickets to another account holder.

2017-18 SINGLE GAME TICKETS  |  On Sale Now  |  
Buy Now  

Pick out your exact seat location online with the new "Pick-Your-Own-Seat" feature!

2017-18 Advance Sale Prices: *

AreaPremium Games
Conference GamesNon-Conference GamesExhibition Game
Lower Bowl 1$154$143$137$132
Lower Bowl 2$121$110$104$99
Lower Bowl 3$110$99$93$88
Lower Bowl 4$99$88$82$77
Lower Bowl 5$88$77$71$66
Lower Bowl 6$71$60$55$49
Lower Bowl 7$66$55$49$44
Lower Bowl 8$55$44$38$33
Dugout 9$60$49$44$38
Dugout 10$49$38$33$27
RAF Balcony$38$27$22$16
End Balcony$22$16$13$11

Prices listed above include per-ticket fees. Fees apply on all sales - phone, web, in-person advance and in-person day-of-game sales.

Premium Price Games:  Arizona, San Diego State, Nevada-Reno
Conference Price Games:  Boise State, Utah State, New Mexico, San Jose State, Wyoming, Air Force, Fresno State 
Non-Conference Price Games:  Florida A&M, Prairie View A&M, Eastern Washington, Southern Utah, Mississippi Valley State, Northern Colorado
Exhibition Price Game:  Alaska Fairbanks 

*Advance Sale Prices
Purchase your tickets in advance to save on ticket cost and to avoid game day lines! Single game tickets are discounted for advance sales. Advance sales include any purchase online, over the phone, or in person at the Thomas & Mack Center Box Office prior to the day of the event.

All purchases made the day of the event will not be available at the advance sale price. Day of game prices will increase by $5 in every price level.

Additional fees apply on all sales - phone, web, in-person advance and in-person day-of-game sales.  


T-MOBILE & MGM GRAND GAMES  |  Available:  August 16  |  Season Ticket Order Deadline: October 18 



MGM Student Tickets:  UNLV Student tickets for the two MGM games (Dec 5 & Dec 9) will be available for pickup at the Thomas & Mack Center ticket office, from Monday, December 4th until Friday, December 8th (the week of the games). The Thomas & Mack ticket office is open from 10am-5pm, Mon-Fri. 

All remaining ticket orders must be purchased through the T-Mobile Arena and MGM Grand Garden Arena through the public sale. 

All UNLV season ticket holders who have paid in full have the opportunity to request complimentary tickets to all T-Mobile and MGM Grand games. A limited number of complimentary reserved tickets are available to all paid season ticket holders through the UNLV ticket office. Season ticket holders may request the number of tickets equal to the number of paid season tickets on your account, up to a maximum of 8 tickets. This exclusive window will begin on August 16 and end on October 18. 

Tickets will not be available through UNLV after October 18. All tickets must be purchased through T-Mobile Arena or MGM Grand Garden Arena at full price after October 18. 

All other customers must purchase through the public sale offer through T-Mobile Arena and MGM Grand Garden Arena. 

T-MOBILE ARENA GAMES:  (4 teams, 2 days, both double-headers)

  • Nov. 20:  UNLV vs. Rice  |  Utah vs. Ole Miss (Double Header)
  • Nov. 22:  UNLV vs. Utah or Ole Miss  |  Rice vs. Utah or Ole Miss (Double Header) 
  • Location:  T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA GAMES:  (2 days, one UNLV game each day)

  • Dec. 5:  UNLV vs. Oral Roberts
  • Dec. 9:  UNLV vs. Illinois  
  • Location:  MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

ELIGIBLE ACCOUNTS:  UNLV season ticket holders who are paid in full will be eligible to order complimentary tickets to all games through UNLV. This includes the full ticket amount and the full RAF priority amount. 

TICKET LIMIT:  Quantity of paid season tickets on your account, up to a maximum of 8 tickets (no extras will be available through UNLV). All additional tickets must be purchased through the T-Mobile Arena or MGM Grand Garden Arena box office at full price. 

This request will include all games at T-Mobile Arena - Nov 20 & Nov 22 (4 teams, 2 days); and both games at MGM Grand Garden Arena - Dec 5 & Dec 9. 

SEAT ASSIGNMENTS:  All T-Mobile and MGM game seats will be assigned in RAF Priority Point order, after the request deadline. 

DISTRIBUTION:  Ticket pick-up instructions and details will be sent out via email to those who RSVP at a later date. 

STUDENT TICKETS:  Student tickets will be available for T-Mobile and MGM games in November. More specific student ticket information will be announced at that time. 

All other ticket orders must be purchased through the T-Mobile Arena and MGM Grand Garden Arena through the public sale. 



MINI-PLANS  |  On Sale Now  |  Buy Now 

  • Pick-3 Plan:  includes one (1) premium game, and two (2) non-premium games of your choice. Starting at only $42. More details below. 
  • Conference Plan:  includes six (6) pre-set home games from the Mountain West Conference regular season. Starting at $72. More details below. 


 2017-18 Mini-Plan Prices:  

 Area  Pick-3 Plan  Conference Plan 
 Lower Bowl 6  $177 $342
 Lower Bowl 8  $129 $246
 RAF Balcony  $78 $138
 Balcony  $60 $108
 End Balcony  $42 $72

 Prices listed above include per-ticket fees. Fees apply on all sales - phone, web, in-person advance and in-person day-of-game sales. 


Pick-3 Plan (3 games): 

 Category  Options 
 1 Premium  Arizona, San Diego State, Nevada-Reno 
 2 Non-Premium  Conference or Non-Conference games 


Conference Plan (6 pre-set games): 

 Game  Date 
 Utah State  Sat. Jan. 6 
 New Mexico  Wed. Jan. 17 
 San Diego State (premium)  Sat. Jan. 27 
 Wyoming  Sat. Feb. 10 
 Fresno State  Wed. Feb. 21 
 Nevada, Reno (premium)  Wed. Feb. 28 




AWAY GAME  TICKET INFORMATION  |  UNLV Season Ticket Holders Only 

UNLV receives a very small allotment of tickets to all away games. We take requests exclusively from UNLV Season Ticket Holders to purchase from this small allotment. All other sales must go through the home team ticket office to purchase. 

Away Ticket Request Deadlines: 

November 15, 2016 at 12 noon:  Non-Conference away game requests
December 15, 2016 at 12 noon:  Conference away game requests

Requests must be made with full payment information by the deadline above to be considered for away game tickets. After the dates above all away game tickets must be purchased directly through the home team ticket office. 


  UNLV Student Ticket Page

Student tickets are available the week of the game starting online at on Sunday at 10am or in person at the Thomas & Mack Center Box Office at 10am on Monday morning prior to the game.

 Login online to reserve your ticket. Your ticket will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment. You can choose a Mobile ticket (scanned on your phone) or a Print-at-Home ticket (printed on paper and scanned at the gate). 


Fans can purchase tickets three convenient ways:
1. Online at
2. Call 702-739-FANS (3267)
3. Visit the Thomas & Mack Box Office (M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm)



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